Dhiraj Kumar
Dhiraj Kumar
Creative Head
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Dhiraj kumar  is an Information Technology graduate who loves learning new things.  A very popular and colorful individual, he has a particular passion for people, blogs, and the use of technology for social progress. He spends the whole day sitting in front of the computer, making himself updated with the new updates in technologies going on around him.

He has more than 15 years of experience in the field of Website designing and Accessibility. He has a strong hand in Flash animation, 2D and 3D Presentation, UI web softwares in Flash with Action Scripting 2.0 / 3.0, Video Presentations, Flash Presentations, HTML, CSS, Java scripting, jQuery, Photoshop, 3Ds Max, Maya etc.

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Hi friends,
Thanks for visiting my personal website where I like to do stuff as writing tutorials and share updated web development info. If you find anything remotely interesting on this blog (or wanna suggest anything) please leave a comment 🙂

About these articles which I have posted on this blog, Please Note that:

  1. No matter how did they came.. matter is how useful are they.
  2. My motive is to aware about these technology updates.
  3. Nothing copyright about reuse content. If inspired with any effect, then you are free to use it in your website free.
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Currently, I am not available for any type of freelance projects.

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